This project reads data from Doom 3 and displays it. The aim is to learn by implementing more features.


This project exists so that I may learn more modern techniques than I have used in my previous projects. It also uses DirectX and this is the first time I have ever used that. So it is basically a learning project using existing content to make things easier.

Even though it might be hard to see in the screenshots below everything is rendered with per-pixel lighting, normal mapping (dot3-bumpmapping) and specular mapping.


5 Dec 2004


The last couple of weeks I have tried to improve perfomance in certain areas in the game-maps. The problem seem to be related to the drawing of the same surfaces several times because of the number of lights. Essentially it seems to be a fillrate-problem. My attempts have failed however. So I decided to clean up the code a bit so as to get a clear overview and a better design. There is still work to be done in that area, but it has become better. After that I began creating proper support for materials so that not only light-interaction materials were rendered but also materials with blending and other stuff. There is a very interesting news item on the Doom 3 SDK site regarding how materials are rendered that I'm looking at to determine how to draw surfaces so that they appear correctly.
20 Nov 2004

Created page

The page for this project now exists so that I can write some development logs.


Well, it would not be a project page of a graphics project without some screenshots. So here are some thumbnails that link to larger images. They are quite dark, but so is Doom 3.

20 November 2004

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